soccer bot 360

A state-of-the-art simulator that is transforming the player’s training and skills analysis. This advanced tool USES computer vision to record every action and aspect of a player’s performance during SESSIONS.


Top-of-the-line soccer training equipment designed to improve a player’s ball control, agility, and accuracy. These rebounders feature a durable design and adjustable angles, making them suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.


Innovative, lightweight training equipment designed to improve a player’s footwork, dribbling, and ball control skills. These pods have a unique design that mimics real game situations, helping players to practice and master their moves, making them better players.

Ball Launcher

A tool designed to improve a player’s shooting accuracy, ball control, and coordination. These launchers are easy to use and adjust, providing players with a realistic training experience that can be adjusted to suit their skill level.


Coming soon