Through passion and culture, lessons learned on the field
become life lessons, inspiring all generations one soccer player at a time.


Thanks to its multiple styles of soccer experiences, Soccer Central is designed to offer athletes a chance to develop their skills more than anywhere else, while becoming the foremost destination for all people driven to get a complete soccer education.


Soccer Central brings a new kind of soccer experience. To raise the bar and give all athletes a better chance at learning and enjoying the great game of soccer thanks to a state of the art facility.


There is no better teacher than passion, attention to details and joy. To love the game is to respect it. Soccer is to be taught with a dedication only paralleled by a need for fun, discipline and integrity.


Soccer Central wants to make soccer better for everyone. Education will be the driving idea behind the project by making players, parents, referees and coaches better, through classes, clinics and school. Local kids will be able to experience a variety of different styles of soccer play, as well as, benefit from the organization of  international events that will put San Antonio on the map.

History of Soccer Central

It’s a story of patience and passion. Of culture and need. Soccer Central is an exciting soccer experience where the game is king, where old and new ways work together in a perfect partnership; where education, technology, dedication and fun make up this brand new soccer park. 

There is no learning without true love. No teaching without education. No development without character. No team game without individual skills. Freely inspired from the best creative soccer facilities in Europe, Soccer Central offers multi styles of soccer to everyone, using every inch of the facility for the betterment of soccer in Texas. 

A professional-like experience including physiotherapist, fitness trainer, sports psychologist, state of the art machinery, player trackers, game analysis, video classroom, a sport science program, therapy pool, cryotherapy machine, dormitories, two professional sized Futsal courts, three street soccer fields, two beach soccer courts, an 80,000 sf building in a 23-acre soccer complex, and of course, ten turf fields, including one on the rooftop for good measure and an extra dose of pleasure. 

Soccer Central opened its doors in August of 2019 giving everyone in Texas access to a World Class soccer complex. A place of gathering for soccer aficionados, where every type of soccer can be played. A soccer park where everyone can participate and thrive. This private venture is unique in the community and designed to improve the skill level of all players through stimulation, repetition and imagination. Soccer Central is a soccer dream come true, where winning isn’t everything, but learning definitely is.

Soccer Central is a SOCCER DREAM come true

For years, the rest of the world has known that the highest level of the game cannot be reached without highly skilled players, but systems only work with intelligent players. To fit in these, players needs to fill up their bag of tools in their early development and build a creativity capable of solving all kind of problems on the field. 

In Europe and South America, kids play pick-up soccer at school, in the park, in the streets, with no adult supervision. With any kind of ball. They make up their own rules. The games are quick, passionate, furious which is how kids learn how to play with the ball before they learn how to share it in a bigger team concept. They make the game their own. That is Soccer Central goal.

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