360° Environment

32 panels (1m x 2.5m) are arranged in a circle. The players are immersed in a 360° world and must constantly orient themselves in space.


A high-performance computer and six full-HD video projectors display real-time rendered 3D content onto the walls.


Points and high scores can be chased in a variety of game modes, either alone or in a team. In the battle mode a 1 vs 1 is played.

Cognitive skills

The combination of physical and cognitive stress creates the optimal conditions for improving cognitive skills – and always under sport-specific conditions.


The recording of performance-determining parameters, such as reaction time or passing accuracy, via a high-speed camera, enables an objective assessment of performance.


Tasks can be solved not only with the ball at the foot, but also in other ways. For example, specific hand modes are designed for throwing movements



The SoccerBot360 enables the simulation of any game situation on a scale of 1:1. Thus, decisive moments can be analyzed and evaluated from the first-person view. A variety of control functions are available for this purpose, which can be selected very easily via tablet.


In the SoccerBot360, game scenes in which a decision is made with the ball at the feet can be created. In this way, a catalogue of position-specific situations can be built up and used specifically for match preparation or the integration of new players.


In a variety of training modes, cognitive abilities and technical skills are trained together. Highscores are chased alone or in a team and in the battle mode it comes to a direct duel. Individually adjustable levels with different difficulties allow training for everyone - no matter what skill level.


Cognitive factors and technical skills can be measured via various performance tests. Entire test batteries can be compiled from individual tests according to individual needs. The performance tests are developed and validated in cooperation with sports scientists and sports psychologists.